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Frequently Asked Questions:
WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE SAID ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS:  OMG - both of the girls have worn something from you two days in a row each - everything is awesome!  very different - very cool - something no one has -- keep making awesome graphics!  we'll order again!  thanks -
WHERE ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MADE: Our clothing items are all printed in Nebraska. Our janibands and accessories are also hand sewn in Nebraska. 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ONCE I PLACE MY ORDER: In most situations we ship within a couple of days. The exception being if an item is out of stock. If you have an item you need by a specific date please contact us so we can check on the availability.


CAN I PICK UP MY ITEMS AND SAVE ON SHIPPING: Certainly, if you live in the Nebraska area and would like to pick up your order we will reimburse your shipping charges when you pick your items.


WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY: If there is a quality issue with the item, please contact us for replacement or reimbursement. If you need a different size or style we can exchange within a reasonable time. Please contact us as soon as you realize you will be wanting to do an exchange.


I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ------------ AND CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE: Please share your ideas with us. We are always looking for new things to make and would love to hear what it is you are looking for.


IS THERE A WAY FOR ME TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE NEW ITEMS OR ARE RUNNING SPECIALS: Yes. At the bottom of the home page and this page click on "sign in or register. As a member you will give us your email address and we will inform you of new items and events.


WHAT KIND OF EVENTS DO YOU DO AND HOW DO I GET BAD Sportz TO COME TO MY EVENT:  We do tournaments and camps mainly but we are open to other events also.  Just send us a message. We do events all over the midwest and are branching out into several other areas of the country. We can even arrange for you to sell the items yourself if you prefer. We donate a portion back to your group or organization


Our main objective is to provide our customers with inspirational apparel and accessories that have a positive impact on them and the sport or activitiy they love. We strive to produce items that will be worn and your friends will want them too. If you have any suggestions or ideas for things you would like to see us carry, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.