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Headbands! Just Love them!!

Posted by Jacque Young on

Over the past few years we have really seen headband sales go crazy!! I personally just love headbands! Even ones we don't sell! Did you know that our headbands are all made by my mom?!?! That's right. She makes each and every headband, and sometimes my sister, me, and my dad help! 5 years ago when I was sitting in law school studying my butt off to be an attorney I would have laughed at someone if they would have told me I would be selling headbands instead of helping people in trouble navigate the ways of the law. But its fun! I get really excited every time we get new fabrics or come up with new sayings to print. My personal favorite is the Tortoise Mode janiband that my sister came up with. We love to run but we aren't fast. (like I am really slow!!) I always figure its better to be out there and be slow then not run at all! So this janiband cracks me up! We can make you your own special headband too that can say anything! Send us a message with what you are looking for! Check out my favorite janiband ~